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Your Choice Massage
You choose your own massage! Choices include: a Massage with a Registered Massage therapist, Hot stone relaxing massage or Aromatic Bamboo Deep Massage. The powerful emollient properties of Rice Bran Oil create the base for all these massage treatments. Tune into your sensory and muscular needs and select from Akhassa's Kaffir lime, Ylang Ylang and Ginger body oils.

60 minutes ~ $110
90 minutes ~ $160
120 minutes ~ $210

Back Stress
Relax your back with this healing recipe unchanged since Thailand's Ayutthaya period (14th - 18th century) when fragrant, warm herbal compresses were administered to soldiers to relieve muscle aches and strains. The perfect treatment for the serious athlete, avid gardener or stressed executive. This treatment starts with an exfoliation and skin cleanse with Retreat Lemongrass Body Scrub. We then move straight into relieving your muscle tension with Ginger Compress Muscle Therapy for your back and feet. This is followed by a warm Retreat Kaffir Lime Oil Back, then a relaxation neck and shoulder massage. Your tretment will be completed with an application of warm Lemongrass Foot Cream.

50 minutes ~ $130

Quality Resort Chateau Canmore
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Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2X3, Canada
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Quality Resort Chateau Canmore

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